Big Band:

Bells, Chant for Juhani Aaltonen & UMO Jazz Orchestra (2015)

En Ut for Sibis Alumni Big Band (2015)

Neljä Tankaa for Aili Ikonen & UMO Jazz Orchestra (2014)

Vastavalo (pedagogical) for Ebeli Big Band (2014)

variations on a naive ballad… (2013)

Medianoche (2012)

By Rail (2011)

Wandering, Wondering (2009)



Night Songs (Chorale – Tango – Chaconne) for orchestra & jazz musicians (2013)

Sketches for violoncello solo & string orchestra (2014)

Beyond Time for vocal soloist, jazz trio & orchestra (2013/2014) 2222/4231/harp, 2 perc, voc, pno, bass, drs + strings

Huomiseen! – Juhlafanfaari (2010) 2222/4231/2 perc + strings

Vastavalo (version for big band & string orchestra) (2015)


Chamber Music / Jazz Ensemble:

11 Scenes for accordion & woodwind quartet (2015)

En mi bémol for wind quintet & jazz ensemble (2014)

Beyond for wind quintet & jazz ensemble (2013/2014)

Sketches II  for wind quintet & jazz ensemble (2014)

Kotka for wind quintet & jazz ensemble (2013/2014)

Chaconne miniature for wind quintet & jazz ensemble (2012/2014)


Selected Arrangements:

Viime yönä ennen kahta (J. Leskinen) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Jarkko Martikainen

3:30 (J. Leskinen) for UMO Jazz Orchestra feat. Aino Venna & Jarkko Martikainen

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (trad.) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Dean Bowman (2016)

His Name So Sweet (trad.) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Dean Bowman (2016)

Sylvian joululaulu (K. Collan) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Anna Puu (2015)

Heinillä härkien kaukalon (trad.) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Anna Puu (2015)

Paperitähdet (Celluloid Heroes) (R. DaviesJ. Leskinen) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Paleface (2015)

Heavydiggarin vuorisaarna (Juice Leskinen) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Paleface (2015)

Syksyn sävel (Juice Leskinen) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Anna Puu (2015)

Pieni kalmistosarja (Juice Leskinen) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Jarkko Martikainen (2015)

Auringon lapset (by Georg Malmstén) for Johanna Iivanainen, Turku Jazz Orchestra & Turku Philharmonic Orchestra (2015)

Hoshi no Balcony (Stellar Night) for Koichi Domoto’s album “Spiral” (co-arranged with Pessi Levanto) (2014)

All I Want for Christmas is You (by Mariah Carey) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Diandra (2014)

Jingle Bells for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Osmo Ikonen (2014)

Gabriel’s Message (trad.) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Erin (2014)

Morgondimma (by Lasse Mårtenson) for UMO Jazz Orchestra (2014)

Jumala rakastaa maailmaa (by Lasse Mårtenson) for UMO Jazz Orchestra (2014)

She Was Too Good To Me (by Rodgers/Hart) for Metropole Orkest & Gregory Porter (2014)

Match of the Day (by B. Stoller) for Metropole Orkest (2014)

How Far Would I Travel (How Deep is the Ocean) (by Irving Berlin) for wind quintet & jazz ensemble (2012/2014)

Tuo armon valkokyyhky (Es ist ein Ros entsprungen) (trad./Praetorius) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Vuokko Hovatta (2013)

En etsi valtaa, loistoa (Sibelius) for Espoo Big Band & Jesse Kaikuranta (2013)

Kun joulu on (Kotilainen) for Espoo Big Band & Paula Koivuniemi (2013)

Joulun kellot (Maasalo) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Laura Närhi (2011)

Tonttu (Wartiovaara-Kallioniemi) for UMO Jazz Orchestra & Laura Närhi (2011)